Bored of hectic city life in Bengaluru? Head off to this lesser known lake for relaxation.




At times when we get tired of the hectic city life, we immediately plan for a weekend getaway or a vacation outside the city to relax and break the monotony of the city life.

But little do we give a thought of exploring places within the city. Last weekend I made up my mind to explore the lesser known yet relaxing places to visit in Bengaluru.

We all know Bengaluru is a city of lakes with more than 30 lakes at present. The most famous ones are Sankey tank, Lal Bagh lake, Ulsoor lake, Hebbal lake, BTM lake, Jaksandara lake and many more.


But have you heard of “Kaikondrahali lake” situated in the middle of Sarjapur? This lake is entirely different from what I have mentioned above.

How to reach?

Location: Sarjapur, Outer Ring road


This small urban lake is more special to me than visiting any natural habitat or exotic bird hot-spot. The sole reason being, this is where I could spot migratory birds in the city. Otherwise, these birds can only be spotted at a bird sanctuary.

Barely 2 kilometers in circumference, Kaikondrahalli Lake is a bio-diverse ecosystem spread over 48 acres.It has two entrance points, and the moment you enter, one can see the reflection of clouds and buildings in the Crystal clear water of the lake.

The most appealing part about this lake is the combination of both natural and man-made habitat in one place. At one side one can spot so many tall buildings overlooking the lake and on the other side, the lake is a natural habitat to a lot of species.


One can explore the whole lake by walk within 1hour and I must say it’s worth the walk. The moment I entered the lakeside area, I could see ducks and cranes swimming in the lake. As soon as I took out my camera they disappeared playing hide and seek with me. Somehow I managed   to capture them. 😀




The lake is shaped like a spoon, with the shallow end attracting reptiles, amphibians, and birds. The lake is surrounded by a variety of tall and short trees, and its entrance has a huge ficus tree which attracts many birds. There is a small island in the middle of the lake.


If you walk further you can spot a bunch of different kinds of birds who reside on this small island just in the middle of the lake. I spotted a lot of nests on these barren trees. Take a halt for a few minutes and enjoy the sound of chirping birds.


There is a special area only allocated for breeding of butterflies and one can find so many colorful butterflies roaming here and there.


The stone paths in the middle of the lake are not open to visitors but gives a fancy look to the lake. The lake is fantastic all year round, with each season hosting different birds and insects, and showcasing Bengaluru’s bountiful urban biodiversity.

 The other part of the lake is involved in fish breeding and conduct various aquarium shows during the breeding season. Check out this Fish atrium.


 The lake maintenance is funded by BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike), managed by MAPSAS Trust, and supported by the surrounding communities. Did you know this lake was once a dump-yard and now has turned into indispensable part of the neighborhood;



 I observed the lake area is very peaceful despite the fact it is surrounded by a lot of buildings and offices and all I could hear was the flowing water and chirping of the birds. This was music to my ears. I was lucky enough to spot some birds chilling !!!




I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after spending some time by the lake , observing beautiful birds, catching butterflies and the setting sun. This is a must recommend place if you are in Bengaluru and want some peaceful time by yourself.

This lake made me believe that big cities do have peaceful places to visit but the journey is yours to spot them and explore.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing some more unexplored places soon.







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  1. KC says:

    Wow. That was lovely. Is there any timings for the lake entry. Or is it open all time. And is there any charge.

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