The undiscovered Beauty of South India-Let’s explore Mannavanur




This was my second visit to Kodaikanal and this time I decided to visit Mannvanur , the less explored village which is just 30 Kms from Kodaikanal. Haven’t heard about it, Right?Me too when I was first told by one of my friends to visit this isolated village completely covered in Palani hills.

How to reach?

By Road: Reach Kodaikanal and book a local taxi to Mannavanur from the state transportation association.

Cost:Up and down for a day would cost you approx  Rs2500.(negotiable)

Duration: 1 day is more than enough to visit in and around Mannavanur.As there are no accommodations available on the way, it’s better to return back to Kodaikanal on the same day.


I took a local cab to reach this place and on the way I could see a drastic change in the view. While Kodai is filled with tall Pine forest , Mannavanur has picturesque lush green hills , valleys, step farms and a small lake. On the way I figured out this is a village holding a population of about 2k people and all of them are farmers and cultivate fruits , vegetables and supply it to the main city of Kodaikanal.Also not to forget the popular Magic Muhrooms are also grown here and available in abundance.

As I was approaching to Mannavanur ,  I pit stopped at  various points to take pictures as I could not resist myself of missing this marvelous view.


Finally, I reached and realized that the most beautiful stretches of nature are those that are virgin and untouched by man. Mannavannur is no place for revelers and picnickers. It is only reserved for the pantheists, the lovers of nature who revere nature and carry a piece of it with them wherever they go.

The valley and the lake view
Flora and Fauna

Getting there

Mannavanur is downhill from Kodaikanal, it is more than an hour’s drive from the hill station. There are neither  proper accommodation options nor eateries around here. However, there are certain campsites close by that offer some basic accommodation.


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