6 Reasons why you should frequently Travel


1. You deserve a break

We all come across a certain point in our lives where we get bored of the hectic routine but do not know how to break through the monotonous life. Well you need not worry !!! Whenever such thoughts pop up in your head to change your bored life, just rememeber “Peace mantra is Traveling”.

Pack your bags, search for some getaway location that you always wanted to travel and finally scoot. That’s what I always do when I realize that my daily routine is getting monotonous and I must do something to break free. I decide a travel destination that I have never been to , plan my vacation and just leave the city.


2. Get close to nature

Our Human body comprises of various energies and what is the best way to absorb the positive energy from the nature itself.Travel to see beautiful geographical locations that Earth has to offer. From hills and mountains to beaches and terrains,Earth has such mesmerizing natural beauty to offer.

Alas, these days we take pride in appreciating man made architecture more than the breathtaking nature.For once just step out of your house and enjoy the Great Himalayas of the North , lush green coconut trees and sea in the south, the infinite deserts of West and untouched biodiversity of East India.


3. Spend some solo time by yourself

Traveling with friends and family is amazing but have you ever thought of being a solo traveler? Once you travel solo you get a breathing space that is often lost in our usual day-to-day existence. Having a moment to take advantage of peace allows us to let go of stress and tension and just enjoy being in the moment


4. Enjoy variety of food delicacies

Food is a great way of understanding and connecting with other cultures.Now this is the best part of traveling. Wherever you go you get to try various variety of delicacies famous in that particular place. Travel and food together make a deadly combination and one must not compromise on this.
I enjoy reading while having a delicious meal and the satisfaction level is speechless.


5. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

Traveling opens up your mind and heart to a plenty of new experiences. To me, there’s just something about being at a different place that will make you forget almost everything that you want to earse from your memory. Then, you’ll finally get to free up some space in your mind, so you can embrace a lot of new things.
Practice yoga and meditation in open air and let your thoughts flow.


6. Boost your self confidence

At first, traveling can be pretty scary, especially when you arrive in a new place on your own. But, you’ll get used to the culture and people fairly quickly. You’ll adapt quick than you originally thought. And when you get back home, you’ll be highly proud of the fact that you did everything by yourself.

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