Welcome to my site!

I am Tanya who loves to travel and somehow balancing the corporate life with my passion to travel and explore new places. I enjoy sharing my experiences and that’s how I came up with the idea of starting my travel blog Post my visit to the recommended place/ stay I can write a blog on the same briefing about my experience. You can also call me as gypsyonwheelz

Gypsy is a free-spirited soul who loves to wander around to unplanned destinations.

So am I  and I want you all to travel with me and explore the unexplored places through my eyes.Through this blog, I aim to cover Incredible India and create awareness amongst people to explore new places in the most unique experience.

Visiting the known places is cliché but how about visiting the same known places in a different way. What I mean is!

  • Booking the stay close to nature.
  • Wandering around to discover new spots.
  • Being a Cameraholic not a Selfieholic
  • Avoiding overcrowded tourist spots
  • Almost living like a gypsy.

So get ready to experience travel in a whole new way through my eyes.