Work with me


I love to partner and collaborate with like-minded brands to create quality content for my lifestyle and travel readers. Below are just a few examples of how I can partner with you, and I am always open to new ideas too.

Collaboration and Sponsorship 

I like collaborating with offbeat travel companies upcoming resorts,home stays, luxury properties, adventure companies, Tourism Board and a PR Agency. If you have any upcoming  trips aiming to promote a particular destination or a property I would be happy to cover it.

Travel Brands and Travel/Trekking Companies 

If you want to organize contests, giveaways or brand promotions with a particular coverage in mind I would be happy to do so. I am good at travel photography, camera and mobile companies can get in touch with me for collaborations and product reviews.

I can also be a part of trekking clubs and promote the same by writing blogs on the treks.

Freelancing Writer/Blogger

I have my own website where I publish blogs on various travel destinations explored so far. Also I write for various travel brands,properties and tourism boards and publish the content on my website by providing a back link.

I write for several travel blogs and adept the article as per the SEO. Further, I can also provide a photo series for a particular topic for the blog.

Travel Itinerary

If you are looking for customized travel itinerary for specific number of days within a given budget, I can even prepare that for you . This also includes transportation, accommodation options and offbeat things to do. I will also provide travel tips and things to carry for the trip.

Travel Videos/Vlogs

I love-making travel videos where in  I capture the required details to visit a particular place. I have done few freelancing projects on editing travel videos. I use my own gadgets and equipment to shoot and edit the video professionally.

Guest Posts

I am also open to guest posts from fellow travel bloggers and budding writers in exchange of link backs and credits.  Do email us the content so that we can approve it on the website.

If you are contacting us on behalf of a client or company, I will send you our rates for content-based advertising – these rates apply to businesses or commercial entities looking to place links back to their company websites, as well as to those looking to make mention to a specific brand. I do not charge anything on guest blog submissions from travel bloggers or independent travel writers.